I Don’t Appreciate Interracial Couples In Ads- And Not For The Reason You Think

Latest Nissan Commercial that racist trolls are accusing of being some conspiracy to force “woke” cultural diversity on those who do not wish to participate.
The infamous Cheerio commercial featuring a biracial child and white woman with the chemistry of an in-home tutor, rather than mother and child.
When they DO show a closeup of the woman’s face, she is not even making eye contact with the child, rather the box of cereal.

So of course, when a family is depicted as a family in close-quarters, there will be outrage.

Commercial for the dating app- Hinge, depicting a faceless yet visibly interracial couple.

White nationalists and Black nationalists have similar views when it comes to their disapproval of interracial marriage. Ironically, both perspectives are loaded with contradictions.

It also seems as if the US has embraced biracial people but not the unions that create them.

The cast of TV sitcom My Wife and Kids, which perpetually cast biracial children with Black parents who come from Black parents. This is usually acceptable and rarely questioned, due to the prevalence of biracial people.

Diversity & Inclusion Strategist. Aspiring Women and Gender Studies Scholar. Baroness of the Principality of Sealand

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