Chet Hanks is profiting off of Black Women, after calling his girlfriend a “ghetto Black Bitch”

Chet Hanks on Instagram wearing a shirt that says “Black Queen Summer” on the back, with the caption: “I need all my white boys and black queens to get together and tag me wearing each other’s shirts. I’ll repost you”

Chet Hanks is profiting off of Black women, using a slogan created by a Black woman and that’s simply not ok with me. This is an empty, vapid pseudo-movement that Columbus’ the creative marketing genius of one Black woman (Megan Thee Stallion’s Hot Girl Summer) to sell it back to Black women . Not all of us are amused.

“White Boy Summer” was cringingly released first, which came with a list of fashion rules as a qualifier (ex. “No plaid”) but apart from that, not much else. With the olde English biker gang font, this could very easily be co-opted by white supremacist groups such as the Proud Boys who took over an entire brand for their official uniform. Since the parameters for who can participate in “white boy summer” are rather shallow, I have little doubt that blatant racists would gladly wear this. And this was moderately acceptable until he dragged Black women into this.

This is the interracial movement that nobody asked for. I also don’t think very many people in the comments understand that what he wants is for Black Women to wear “White Boy Summer” tshirts- when he says “wear each other’s shirts” in the caption. Can you imagine being a Black woman and wearing that? We already have a target on our back just existing in this body. I am already aware of the target I have on my back from having a white husband. Black women, before you purchase this shirt to wear, consider these questions of self-reflection: Do I really want to draw attention to myself in this way? Is the message on the shirt clear enough so that anyone would understand i’m saying “i’m down to swirl”?

Some white men are actually offended by the term “white boy” as they see it emasculating. Bo Bice, American Idol contestant actually sat down with the press to talk about how he was racially discriminated at a Popeyes when someone referred to him as “that white boy over there”.

I would take no issue with this if the proceeds went towards organizations that conduct research and advocate for Black women. I see no such thing- just an uninspired, complete lack of creativity and profiting off desperate Black women.

For some reason women are disillusioned into thinking that having a biracial child means he loves and respects Black women. The protective custody order that was granted to his ex says otherwise. Or how about the fact that he (according to her and I believe her) referred to her as a “ghetto Black bitch” who wouldn’t be believed about the abuse she endured from him?

The fact that we’ve never seen him in a loving relationship with a Black woman says otherwise. He has the audacity to have a “black bride” emoji in his caption when he’s never married a Black woman and we doubt he ever will.

The fact that we’ve never seen him utter the name of Breyonna Taylor or any of the other Black women killed by police says otherwise.

Ben Horowitz is incessantly quoted as having said “Black women are for grownups”. I can’t find the direct source. But Chet Hanks at 30 is a prime example of a man-child who never had to grow up because he came from extreme socioeconomic privilege. But with many celebrities engaging of acts of allyship and charity- even if it’s considered “performative”, is that really an excuse? Prince Jackson, the eldest son of the late Michael Jackson has set up an organization called “Heal Los Angeles” and has raised a significant amount of money to help children in need in the LA area. Like Chet, Prince Jackson will never have to work a day in his life due to the success of his father and yet put his fortune to good use in a way that is tangible for him.

YouTuber Tee Noir gives an excellent commentary on the “performative admiration and fetishization of Black women” and how non-Black men are profiting off of it. I urge you to take a look.

Youtuber Tee Noir explains how non-Black men are profiting off of Black women’s desire to be desired.

Where is his publicist? Where are his Black friends? I have at least one organization that the proceeds for “Black Queen Summer” could go towards:
The African American Policy Forum. AAPF is a research thinktank out of Columbia Law, lead by Kimberle Crenshaw- who coined the term “intersectionality” in 1989. The African American Policy Forum has done groundbreaking work, such as their study “No Black Girl Left Behind”, as well as the creation of the hashtag #SayHerName, in which they also support Black mothers with daughters who have been killed by police. They are also beginning a study on Black women’s childbirth mortality rate, which is 3 times higher than that of white women.

The comments under his posts tell me that his Black women followers- whom he doesn’t personally engage with- legitimately believe they can have access to him. His comments are an endless supply of marriage proposals, begging for him to come to their city, saying they want to have his babies an embarrassing never-ending supply of thirst.

And while Black women are going where they’re “celebrated, not tolerated”…surely we can do better than this.



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